Allison’s response to release of Map 8

I appreciate the many efforts to come close to the prioritized Hispanic/Latino Citizens of Voting Age Population (CVAP) of 28.4% in Maps 2-4, including the recent addition of Map 8 with a Hispanic/Latino CVAP percentage of 28%. 

After the inclusion of Map 8, I am looking at the numbers of actual human Hispanic/Latino voters behind the percentage of Hispanic/Latino CVAP. Given the differences in estimated overall population of CVAP between each map scenario, the numbers of actual Hispanic/Latino citizens of voting age remains below the prioritization captured by the demographer in Map scenarios 2-4 and in the same range as that of Map 5 (528 voters less) and Map 6 (347 voters less) despite the percentage getting closer to 28.4%. Map 8 is still 419 Hispanic/Latino voting humans short of the prioritization created by Maps 2-4. Maps 2-4 were the most legally viable map scenario created by the demographer to maximize Hispanic/Latino voting rights and those maps have been eliminated for the board to vote on. The increase to 28% Hispanic/Latino CVAP only creates the perception of an increase in voting power. Please see my spreadsheet analysis in the two far right highlighted columns.

I acknowledge the efforts it takes to attempt to satisfy the many communities of interest and strong feelings on the topic. As a historically underrepresented protected class under the CVRA, Hispanic/Latino voting rights should be prioritized above other communities of interest such as attendance boundaries, feeder schools, regional politics, and townhome communities. 

Nonetheless, I give a lot of credit to the incredible efforts of the board, staff, and CTAD committee in doing the right thing to improve representation overall for the district. Thank you for your dedication to this difficult endeavor. 


Allison Joe 

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