Emerge Candidate Training: Fundraising Goal Met 1/28/2024!

I’m really excited to have been accepted to the Emerge program that provides training to help Democratic women get elected! The Emerge program provides the “nuts and bolts” on how to get elected and a sisterhood of other women planning to run within the next few years. As I was considering next moves after being a top finalist in the FUHSD board appointment process last May, an early supporter and Emerge alumni suggested that I apply to the program as it seemed perfect for me. I participated in a rigorous application and interview process and was accepted!

As someone new to the idea of running for election and whose politics have been primarily dedicated to living my values within my family and school community, this program is exactly what I need to help get elected to the school board and be able to effectively make a difference on a larger scale for our schools, kids, and community. I especially love how Emerge describes itself as a “gatecrashing” organization in response to the many layers of gatekeeping that have historically kept women from diverse backgrounds out decision making spheres.

Fundraising is a necessary and important skill for candidates. The program includes training on fundraising and a commitment to raise $1000 so that Emerge can continue to support my class and the next class of Emerge participants. Thank you to the many people who contributed to help me meet and surpass my goal in the first few weeks of this six month program!

Thank you for your support!